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Serve in Love

Serve in Love John 13:34-35, A Servant’s Example, A Servant’s Obedience, A Servant’s Love, A Servant’s Shape for Serving


Romans 1:16-17- two of the most powerful verses in the Bible. Paul continues his introduction to the letter to the Roman church by showing his heart for the believers there and his purpose in coming to see them- to strengthen them by sharing the gospel more fully with them.


Paul begins the introduction to this powerful letter by giving his credentials to a church he has not visited. He is a “slave to Christ” meaning that he is not his own. That is how we need to see ourselves if we are Christians- bought with a price. And that attitude flows through the entire letter. We look at Romans 1:1-7 and the first half of Paul’s introduction

Ministering in Love Together – Colossians 3:1-14

Ministering in Love Together Colossians 3:1-14 _____________ Counts – “_____________ Up” to Christ :1-4   Put away ____ – “____________Up” :5-11   Put on ______ – “___________ Up” :12-14

Servanthood for the Vision – Matthew 20:20-28

Sermon Notes Servanthood for the Vision Matthew 20:20-28 To be Servants – We start with ___________________ to Christ as _________ :20-21 To be Servants – We ask for the Lord’s Direction ____________________:22-23 To be Servants – We say _____ to Serving as He _______________ :24-28

The King Stands ‘Trial’ Alone

Mark contrasts the Solid Rock, Jesus, with the crumbling rock, Peter, through Jesus’ “trial” and Peter’s denials. The truth is that if we aren’t solid in our faith through prayer, Bible study and worship, we stand the very real chance of being like Peter in our everyday lives. We betray him daily when we don’t stand for the truth, when we don’t defend Jesus or when we don’t share the gospel.