Sermons from December 2017

Sermons from December 2017

God’s Will & a Gumby Attitude – Matthew 2:1-23

Whose will am I ________________? __________________ for God’s Leading _________________ for God’s Specific Direction _________________ to Life in Christ – Gumby W____________ :12, 22 W____________ :13 W____________ :23  

Hope in Jesus – Luke 2:1-7

What everyone is _______________________! In ________ Days In ________ Days It was _______ for the Savior’s birth It is time for _______  What everyone can receive as a ________ by faith!

“…no one knows…stay awake.”

Part 2 of the Olivet Discourse- Jesus continues urging his followers to “stay awake” for his return but don’t focus on the timetable. The job of his followers is to love God with all we have and love others, not figuring out the signs of his return. Stay awake.

“…but the end is not yet.”

Jesus deals with the destruction of the temple and the end of the world. But his focus isn’t on signs that it’s coming. His focus is on his disciples being ready and not being led astray. That should be our focus as well. Stop trying to figure out the signs and, instead, live out the great commandment- love God with everything and love others.