Is There Marriage In Heaven?-Mark 12:18-27

Is There Marriage In Heaven?-Mark 12:18-27

“…you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.” Jesus continues his condemnation of the temple culture during the last week of his earthly life by explaining that there is no marriage in heaven (which is a good thing because of what and who is there). He also points to Scripture about the fact that there is a resurrection of the body, despite what the Sadducees believed.

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  1. Bob

    Several points. Jesus said there is no marrying in Heaven. That’s not the same as saying there is no marriage. He never said that people who are already married won’t still be together. Also, because marriage for the Sadducees is a matter of law, it’s entirely possible that Jesus was addressing marriage law, not marriage relationships. He never said that we won’t have love partners or relationships with other people, just that the law of marriage is longer be in place.

    You say that it’s good that marriage isn’t in Heaven, because of what is there. Well, what is there that makes “no marriage” so good?

    I just find it strange that there is so much emphasis on marriage in the Christian faith, that God created it and it’s very good and a beautiful facet of God’s design. It is God’s masterpiece in the Book of Genesis. Yet Jesus said that God does away with it in His Eternal Kingdom? That makes no sense to me at all. It sounds like a blatent contradiction of scripture. You say that the same God who said “It is not good for a man to be alone” also says, “neither marry nor given in marriage” in heaven?

  2. Brian Burris

    Thanks for your thoughts, Bob. This is one of those non-essential issues that faithful believers can disagree on but remain united. There are smart people who agree with you about this topic. I agree with others who respectfully disagree and my sermon pretty much explained why. Yes we were created to be in community and it serves its purpose here in this fallen world. But in the new heaven and new earth, whatever beauty, love, etc that we’ve experienced will pale in comparison to the perfect joy that we’ll experience for eternity. Our problem is that we don’t think highly enough of heaven. We want to bring our earthly experience there. It will be similar, sure, but amazingly different as well. James Edwards wrote, “The glorious realities of the life to come can no more be accommodated to the pedestrian routines of earthly life than can butterflies be compared to caterpillars. Present earthly experience is entirely insufficient to forecast divine heavenly realities: we can no more imagine heavenly existence than an infant in utero can imagine a Beethoven piano concerto or the Grand Canyon at sunset.” The verse I come back to on this topic is from Ephesians 5 where Paul says that marriage is a symbol of Christ and the Church. Symbols aren’t necessary when we’ll be experiencing the real thing. Thank you again for your comments.

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